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Working Wheels

working wheels

Someone asked me the other day, “What’s the best island car?” Honestly, one you can fix. Which is a shrinking niche these days. Find me a car without a computer or electronic controls, and you’ve got yourself a deal. The best island cars are the ones whose cousins, now a hunk of spare parts, sits in the local junkyard. Suzuki Samurai and Sidekicks are prized possessions on St. John.

Lose a bumper? Need a windshield? How about a horn? See you at the junkyard. It’ll cost you, and it may take a day of searching, but you’ll find it. Color coordinating car parts is so out. Matching doors that don’t work? Look over here, jealous one, at my fully functional mismatched pair.  Everyone here understands that the value of a simple car. One that gains character from hitting a curb, a coconut, or a chicken (oops!). These cars have character, baby – wood flooring, a PVC roof rack, hand painted artwork, a pool float seat, and palm fronds woven into the grill.  Dents and rust are trending yet again this season.

Giddy up!