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042715-trendsEvery town with kids and teens has their hotspot for trendy items. On St. John the place to go is called Mumbo-Jumbo. Candy, bracelets, keychains, stickers, pens, bathing suits, toys, and more line the walls of the small, colorful store.

Located in the same area as Skinny Legs, Jolly Dog, and Connections in Coral Bay, every kid on St. John who can mutter the words will walk through the doors someday soon. Gifts for toddlers and teens, and everything in-between, you can’t go wrong with something from Mumbo-Jumbo. They have some pretty nice clothes for adults as well, come to think of it… we bought some sweet swim trunks and sneaks, too. New outfit, high style. Island style is all about freedom of color and comfort. Clean new tee? Time to hit the town!