Is it better to rent a car in St. Thomas or St. John?

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Is it better to rent a car in St. Thomas or St. John?

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I’m frequently asked if visitors to St. John should rent a vehicle on St. Thomas or St. John. While you can ride the barge in a rental car, and renting a jeep on St. John is more expensive than most of the options on St. Thomas, there are some downsides to consider.

If you’re new to the islands, and new to driving on the left, perhaps maneuvering the 30-60 minute trip in traffic from the airport to the barge dock in Red Hook isn’t such a great idea, especially after little sleep and a long plane ride. In addition to the hefty barge fee to get your vehicle to St. John, you’ll also need to be confident in your ability to get to Red Hook before 7pm, as only ferries that transport people run until midnight. A miscalculation in travel time can wreak havoc on what should be the start of a great vacation. Keep the stress at bay and rent a jeep right here in Love City!

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