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Moon Seasons

full moonEvery month on St. John the full moon brings great joy and celebration. Why? The moon serves a great purpose, beyond the tides and beyond the night light it provides. There is little to mark the passing of time here. The days are always beautiful, the nights are always peaceful, and sometimes you get lucky and it rains.

Some days are hotter than others, and every few years or so we have unlucky rain (a.k.a. hurricanes).  But most of the time the days, weeks and months on St. John all feel very much the same. Except for the moon. Its size, brightness and location in the sky change daily, yet in a comforting, predictable pattern.

It is the season of the moon that St. Johnians follow, marking the time of endings & beginnings, celebrations & accomplishments, and introspection & forgiveness. Waxing in anticipation, waning in review. Tonight, we celebrate!