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Hello, Pineapple

pineappleDespite their prickly appearance, the pineapple is a symbol of welcome and hospitality. They are relatively easy to grow here on St. John, if you have good soil, lots of water, and some patience.

A single pineapple plant will yield just one fruit every two years and require a couple square feet of garden space and an incalculable amount of water.  While I’d like to have some more plants, right now we coddle just two, one pineapple fruit a year. One began as a store-bought fruit and the other the spawn of the first, by just chopping off the top and sticking it in some soil.

When the pineapple is imminent, it’s very exciting. First, the center of the stiff, leafy bract turns bright pink, then a stalk and flower appears. The stalk grows strong and once pollinated, a mini pineapple appears!  The growth process continues at a snail’s pace, but the excitement builds and the prize will be well worth the wait.