End of Hurricane Season

For many, November marks a chill and a chance to hunker down at home. For residents of St. John island, November marks the end of a stressful hurricane season full of weather reports, storm [...]

Nice View

Nice View If you’re not familiar with St. John, the first thing you need to know is that the island is anything but flat. Old volcanoes created the incredible terrain we have today. If not for [...]

Hanging on the Vine

Hanging on the Vine As the weather on St. John gets drier, it’s hard not to appreciate the drought-tolerant vines of the island. Like other weeds, they don’t just survive, they flourish in dry [...]

Rain Rules the Day

Rain Rules the Day St. John has been getting a steady stream of rain daily, just enough to keep the forest well rooted, yet not so much that it would ruin a good beach day. Rain is a rarity here, [...]