Cactus Snack

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Cactus Snack

cactus fruit

While everyone knows you should bring plenty of water on a hike, during the hot months on St. John, you can’t carry enough. One secret salvation awaiting hikers of the arid trails are the tiny pink fruits of the Turks cactus. Both bulbous and phallic, Turks cacti are prolific across St. John’s dryer regions. Wild goats and birds go for these tangy fruits as well, the meat inside the little fruit is much like a kiwi, and far easier to maneuver on the go. The fruit must be at just the right distance popping out of the cactus, otherwise the stem will come off and the surrounding thorns will prevent most fingers from getting in there to pry it out. When you encounter a ripe one worth picking, it is pure delight – refreshing squirt of natural vitamin C, and you didn’t have to carry it with you.

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