Dear Vacation Me

Oh, how I miss you! When I see you again, I promise I will give you my full attention. No checking emails, no calling the pet sitter. I owe it to you. You work hard and have many [...]

Night Hike

Night Hike – Hiking by the light of the full moon on St. John is a spiritual experience. On the evening of the full moon this past Friday I took the pilgrimage down to Salt Pond and hiked [...]

Donkey Don

Donkey Don – Being neighborly to the island’s beloved asses. Originally brought to St. John as work animals, donkeys today freely roam the island, choosing to stop on their own for a [...]

Turquoise Waters

Taking a Dive – Going beneath the turquoise waters around St. John to discover amazing scenes. I admit it: I’m not typically comfortable scuba diving. The heavy equipment strapped to [...]

St. John’s Bay Rum Trees

St. John’s Bay Rum trees reveal the island’s history. Leaves of the West Indian bay rum tree are harvested to produce Bay Rum, a beauty and health elixir made popular in the Virgin [...]