Tent Treats

St John Virgin Islands National Park Camping St. John, with hundreds of luxury vacation rental villas to choose from, also offers visitors an opportunity to camp: Cinnamon Bay campground, on the [...]

Sargassum Sittings

Sargassum Sittings Visitors to St. John stopped me yesterday and inquired about “the brown stuff” floating in the water. It’s not something visitors from a few years ago would have seen, [...]

Royalty Reigns

Royalty Reigns While many people may not travel with dogs to St. John, many people who live here are freaky fond of their furry friends. While hundreds of feral felines roam the island and call [...]

Trending Now

Trending Now Every town with kids and teens has their hotspot for trendy items. On St. John the place to go is called Mumbo-Jumbo. Candy, bracelets, keychains, stickers, pens, bathing suits, [...]

Working Wheels

Working Wheels Someone asked me the other day, “What’s the best island car?” Honestly, one you can fix. Which is a shrinking niche these days. Find me a car without a computer or electronic [...]

Creative Crab

Festive Crabs As a simple island observer I can tell you that the hermit crabs have returned from wherever they’ve been the last few months. Recently the visits have dramatically increased in [...]

Nice View

Nice View If you’re not familiar with St. John, the first thing you need to know is that the island is anything but flat. Old volcanoes created the incredible terrain we have today. If not for [...]

Pelican Punchline

Pelican Punchline I figure pelicans have a dry sense of humor.  I would not expect a pelican to guffaw loudly at a joke. Perhaps he would snicker slowly, but only if it was really good.  They [...]

Water Woes

Water Woes Dry sea on has arrived and the color of the mountains of St. John are turning brown, after months of gleaming green, the arid weather this time of year is expected. While drought [...]

Hello, Pineapple

Hello, Pineapple Despite their prickly appearance, the pineapple is a symbol of welcome and hospitality. They are relatively easy to grow here on St. John, if you have good soil, lots of water, [...]

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