Whale Watch

Whale Watch I could set my clock to the humpback whales arriving in the Virgin Islands. As if on spring break, the pod arrives end of February (February 25th, to be exact) on the south shore of [...]

Musical Note

Musical Note The Winston Wells Ball field in Cruz Bay was alive this weekend for the 2nd annual St. John Blues Blowout festival organized by selfless volunteers of the St. John Rotary Club.  [...]

Happy Days

Happy Days Happy hour on St. John is as reliable as death or taxes. A small number of select religious holidays will preclude bars and stores from selling alcohol before a certain time of day [...]

Love Bus

Love Bus Many visitors to St. John don’t know we have a bus. Unlike the open-air taxis that cart you up and down North Shore Road and beyond, the VITRAN bus on St. John is just $1 each way [...]

Lizard Love

Lizard Love St. John is home to many lizards, most notably the Puerto Rican crested anole. Male anoles display their “dewlap” and may also do a push-up movement when they feel threatened, or [...]

Jacks & Jennies

Jacks & Jennies Originally brought to the island for hauling and transportation, donkeys remain a big part of St. John life. Jacks (male donkeys) and jennies (female donkeys) roam freely [...]

Tropical Caterpillar

Tropical Caterpillar Meet the Frangipani (a.k.a. Plumeria) caterpillar, also known by very few as the Pseudosphinx tetrio. Found in tropical areas, they come out in droves and feast on the leaves [...]

Another Maho

Another Maho Ahh, another secret of St. John revealed: Frances Bay. Technically still part of the larger Maho Bay sits a hidden gem of a beach, just north of the beach labeled on maps as Maho [...]

Island Time

Island Time Just 18 latitudinal degrees north of the equator, St. John’s days and nights are relatively equal. Depending on the time of year, the sun rises between 5:30am and 6:30am and [...]

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